2022 Riesling
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2022 Riesling
2022 Riesling

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­­­­A commanding acidity profile is harmonized with a medium-dry structured body and a steely minerality. Honey blossom and cantaloupe aromas are complemented by lingering guava and Crenshaw Melon flavors. Inspired by classic, Old World techniques the juice was oxidized and fermented at low temperatures. An early bottling followed at the end of Winter. This Riesling was built to age for years to come.


Grown with a focus on sustainability. These grapes are farmed on alluvial soils mixed with larger volcanic strata. A properly managed, umbrella like canopy allows for just the right air flow and dappled sunlight onto the clusters to achieve maximum quality. The soils of the vineyard site enhances the expression of character for each variety and lends to the uniqueness of the wine.


Inspired by German tradition, the grapes had uneven ripening which mimicked multiple picks. Raisins from extreme ripening led to pronounced flavors and production followed for a reserve style. The juice  was not treated with inert gas and left to oxidize before fermentation. Aged on the lees in stainless steel and bottled young to retain fresh flavors. 28 g/L RS.